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Coming Home to Find War

My apologizes to all of my friends in the Middle East for not getting through to you sooner. I’ve been traveling extensively these past few weeks, crisscrossing the United States again, and this week found me in tons of airports and long car rides without much Internet connection nor news information.

To all of my Israeli, Arab, Palestinian, and other Middle Eastern friends, my heart and worries go out to you. The games politicians and militants play with our lives are great acts of “dick wagging”, as Brent calls it. Nonetheless, it punishes the innocent more than the guilty.

I’ve just arrived back in Alabama after four months on the road. It’s been terrible being away from my husband and two fuzzy kitties for so long, but it’s been an amazing trip and I’ve done great work. I’ll have more on that later, though you can catch up with some of the genealogy work I’ve been doing on my new family history blog that is still a bit under undevelopment. You can catch up with some of the none-photography and writing work I’ve been doing at , too.

Brent and I have a lot of catching up to do and I’ve got stacks of work, but I will make time to get the email back up and running. Know that we are now watching the news, worrying and fretting, and hoping that you all remain safe and away from the line of fire. If you have to fight or support the troop action, on whichever side you may roam, then we support your efforts in that, too.

Much love! And many hugs, especially now during the darkening hours…again.

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