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Still Alive. Can’t Think of Anything Else to Write.

The email was titled “STILL ALIVE” in capital letters. The email consisted of this single message: Can’t think of anything else to write. Earlier reports from my best friend in Israel described the two, one 90 and the other almost 80 years old and still active, getting short notice to get out of their buildings […]

September 11 – Twelve Years After

It’s incredible to think that it has been 12 years since I published my experience of what has become known as 9/11, the day the World Trade Center towers and Pentagon was attacked by terrorist in the United States. Three weeks after the attack, I wrote of the hope we all had for our future, […]

Coming Home to Find War

My apologizes to all of my friends in the Middle East for not getting through to you sooner. I’ve been traveling extensively these past few weeks, crisscrossing the United States again, and this week found me in tons of airports and long car rides without much Internet connection nor news information. To all of my […]