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Learning and Living Against the Odds

FEAR OF SUCCESS: Trying is the first step towards failure. Homer Simpson Homer Simpson of the television show, The Simpsons, has it a little backwards, but for many of us, this rings true. Our fear of success, whatever that looks like, often keeps us from moving forward because we just KNOW we will fail, so […]

What’s Draining You?

In Week 6 of the book, Life Makeovers, Cheryl Richardson discusses the concept of energy drains and invites you to take action to stop up the drains in your life. When I look around my desk and computer right now, I can see piles of energy drains everywhere: stuff I’ve put off, papers I need […]

Finding Your Life Purpose

Passion comes in many forms. It provides us with keys to our heart. The power of passion will provide you with the fuel to enjoy a new hobby, create a new career, and do something that serves others in a very powerful way. Your purpose in life is what you do to feed that passion. […]

The Religion of Right or The Right Religon

Lorelle: Am I right? Brent: Darling, you’re always right. It’s easier that way. Frequent dialog between Brent and Lorelle VanFossen My father used to whine about how horrible all the guys at work would tease for having a daughter. “Argh! Put another woman driver on the road!” He often swears at the lousy drivers on […]