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Hacking Your Way Off the Utility Grid for Your Home

As be plan to build our new home soon, you get the benefit of the ecological, environmental, and energy saving tips and tricks we learn. Hacking Your Way Off The Utility Grid from Brian McConnell is a great article on how to maximize solar electricity and other resources to minimize your reliance on local utilities. […]

Glass Windows Generate Solar Power

XsunX announces innovative solar technology that will allow glas windows to produce electricty from the sun. Called “Power Glass”, it is still in the product development and testing phase and expected to move into production soon. Power Glass – an innovative solar technology that allows glass windows to produce electricity from the power of the […]

Book Industry Choosing Green

In a surprising bit of news, USATODAY.com reports authors are insisting on “Green” printing methods for books. It says “a small and growing number of authors are asking publishers to print their books on environmentally friendly paper.” Authors are not only pushing their publishers and having it written in the contract to use recycled materials […]

Environment Cleanup: Manufacturing Plants Eliminating Garbage

There is a growing determination and effort by manufacturers, enforced and willingly, to clean up the environment. Some are actually coming up with some amazing ideas. In a news story on Wired News, At Clean Plants, It’s Waste Not, the Subaru factory in Lafayette, Indiana, turns out cars not garbage. According to the report, “When […]