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Writer’s Digests 101 Best Websites for Writers

Writer’s Digest is one of the best all-around magazines for writers. It covers a wide variety of topics and writing genre, helping the writer not only to write better, but find the markets they need to sell their work. Each year, Writer’s Digest puts out their “Best of” series and their 101 Best Websites for […]

The age of 50 marks authors’ peak

Heading in that direction, I was thrilled with a recent study announced on BBC News that The age of 50 marks authors’ peak. Fifty is the perfect age to write a novel, a study of the best-selling authors of the past 50 years has shown. The average age of writers who topped the hardback fiction […]

Writing and Writers Magazines

We write all the time, about photography, travel, adventure, life on the road, life in general, interviews, all kinds of subjects. We keep up with what is going on in the writing world through magazines about writing. Here are some of our favorite resources. We have now made it easier for you to get these […]

Photography and Writing: It’s about what you don’t see

The ad for the NPR Wall Calendar caught my attention recently. NPR asked famous artists the question: “What does NPR look like to you?” The calendar features their artistic results. Now, think about that. What DOES NPR look like? NPR is sound coming across the radio. It doesn’t have a “look”. It has a “hear” […]

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America

Oh, wow, I should have looked before, but…well, I finally found the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America website. It provides news and information about Science Fiction and Fantasy writing and authors. It also has news of the Nebula and Andre Norton Awards, something that often guides us in our new book purchase decisions. […]