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Over and Under Exposure Digital Photography Tips

Photoshop Tutorials by Jennifer Apple offer tips and techniques for using Adobe Photoshop for adjusting overexposed and underexposed images, along with many other tips and techniques for using Photoshop with your photographs such as resizing images without blur and tips for beginners to help get you started using Photoshop. I’ll be looking for more websites […]

Photography and Writing: It’s about what you don’t see

The ad for the NPR Wall Calendar caught my attention recently. NPR asked famous artists the question: “What does NPR look like to you?” The calendar features their artistic results. Now, think about that. What DOES NPR look like? NPR is sound coming across the radio. It doesn’t have a “look”. It has a “hear” […]

Bull’s Eye Syndrome

Which image do you prefer? We have a lot of choices about where to place a subject in our viewfinder or frame. Which image below do you prefer? Is there one that you like better than the rest? The one with the subject in the middle or the others? Look at all the compositional choices […]