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WordPress Tips and Tricks – WordPress Plugins

There are a lot of WordPress Plugins I can’t live without. And I love talking about them, because the more I talk about them, the more people will learn about how awesome WordPress plugins are, and maybe, just maybe, the WordPress developers will see how useful they are and put them into the core code. […]

WordPress Tips and Tricks – Template Files, Styles, and Themes

I’ve put together a collection of WordPress tips and tricks, a three part series that looks at the various tips and tricks I discovered while turning over my entire site to the management of WordPress software. In Part One of my WordPress Tips and Tricks Collection, tips and tricks were offered for dealing with the […]

Taking Notes in WordPress

Updated July 7, 2005 I was using a notes plugin which I talk about below, then Chris J. Davis came up with an EVEN BETTER mousetrap for taking notes in WordPress. I love it when competition makes life better for everyone. Chris J. Davis’s WordPress Notepad Plugin takes the concept of “taking notes” in WordPress […]

Janis Ian’s Stand for Free Music Downloading

Having grown up with the music of Janis Ian, I was delighted when my husband stumbled across an article written by her in May of 2002. The article called The Internet Debacle – An Alternative View tackles the long standing issue of the record companies vs music downloading and copying. I was ready for her […]

WordPress Tips and Tricks – Administration Panels

As I developed my WordPress site, I found a lot of tips and tricks along the way. While I’ve written about the more extensive ones, I wanted to share a bunch of the smaller tips to help you with your WordPress site. We start with the WordPress Administration Panel. Administration Panel While the WordPress Administration […]

The Best Online Reference Sites

Looking for the best online reference sites for your studies, research, or fact finding? The Best Online Reference Sites lists a number of top reference sites on the Internet for the student or researcher or anyone looking up information and references. Examples include AskOxford, Epicurious, and Household Products Database. The list was compiled in 2004 […]

Living in an 800×600 World

My laptop’s motherboard gave up the ghost and had to be shipped out for repair. That left me with two choices: Using Brent’s laptop, or hooking up my new rebuilt server/desktop and borrowing an old monitor from a friend. I went with the latter. I’ve been living for over two weeks in an 800×600 world […]

Tv-tome is now TV.com

For the past few years, as you know, I’ve been totally “out of it” when it comes to American television. By the time it came over to the Israel, the show was usually one to three years behind when they aired in the states. Or they would show the current popular trash rather than good […]

Wireless Internet – Wired US Cities

The dream of living and taking your camera on the road is exciting. We’ve been doing it for ten years now, and we had to admit, it can be very exciting. It can also be boring, but the biggest challenge for living on the road is staying in touch. When we began, cell phones were […]

Yahoo Has New PhotoMail Service

If you are sending a lot of photographs via email, for business or pleasure, you might be interested in this. Yahoo announces it is rolling out a new PhotoMail service. PhotoMail will let users insert “up to 300 digital photographs into the body of an e-mail and store an unlimited numbers of photos on the […]

New Laser Might Revolutionize Photography

The development of the laser seems more like technology limited to weapons or medicine, but there is news that new laser technology might make it’s way photo technology? New Laser Provides Spectrum Of Sensing Data, an article found recently in Science Daily, explains: In art, color is information. Just look at a painting by an […]

WordPress Codex Cleanup Week

As part of my ongoing efforts to volunteer within the WordPress Community, to give back a little for the fabulous software program I use, I’ve been working for the past few months to create a “Codex Cleanup Week” from June 18 – June 26. During the entire week there will be plenty to do to […]

30 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do on the Internet

My growing dependence on the Internet as a way to stay in touch, get information, check weather reports, and be entertained has grown to an amazing obsession. Actually, it’s more like a desperate dependence. With all the information that is out there, it is overwhelming. And yet, after almost 20 years playing on the Internet […]

Bad Behavior Stats in the WordPress Admin Dashboard

After months with little or no comment spam, I got hit with a bunch. In the newest versions of WordPress, right out of the box, I don’t see the comment spam unless it slides through, and those are very few. I use a plugin by ColdForged called Paged Comments, which allows me to view the […]

Changing the WordPress Quicktag Buttons

I bravely entered the WordPress core programming again and made a few customization changes – nay – improvements. These are for me, but you might learn something from the process of changing your WordPress quicktags javascript file yourself. Quicktags in WordPress are buttons that sit above your editing box in the Write Post panel of […]