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WordPress Codex Has a New Look

The WordPress Codex has a new look. Not a complete change, but a good start towards a new and more efficient online manual for WordPress users. Since it’s conception over a year ago, developers wanted to provide a quality documentation site for the anticipated release of WordPress version 1.5. Between the WordPress developers and some […]

Common WordPress Support Questions

In order to learn more about WordPress, I started hanging out in the WordPress Codex and on the WordPress Support Forum. Over time, as I became more familiar with the inner workings of WordPress and read much of the documentation in the WordPress Codex, I started answering a few questions in the Forum. Part of […]

Blogpoly: The New Monopoly for Bloggers

Using blogging software and changing our entire site over to blogging software, I feel like I’ve entered a new world. There are all kinds of words I’m learning like feeds, blog, weblog, RSS, blogrolls, trackbacks, pings, pingbacks….. oh, lots of words. An article on the WordPress Codex called WordPress Semantics helped me learn even more […]

Volunteering for WordPress – Writing for the Codex

For the many months I’ve been overcoming my guilt over using WordPress for free by volunteering in the WordPress Forum and by editing and writing on the WordPress Codex, the official site for documentation on using WordPress. I thought I might tell you about it a bit. While the WordPress Codex is based upon wiki, […]

Translation for Your Blog in Eight Languages

This is on my list of things to try soon, but I thought I would give you a heads up anyway. Angsuman of Simple Thoughts has created a new plugin for WordPress that will supposedly translate your WordPress site in Eight Languages. The languages are Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. According […]

Using Javascript In WordPress

Once you enter the world of PHP, it’s really hard to go back to javascripts, but they still serve their purpose. If you can replace a Javascript with PHP code, tags, or script in WordPress, do so. Your life will be much easier. If not, here are a few tips to make your Javascript work […]

WordPress Press It Features

Just when I thought I had a handle on most of the bells and whistles of WordPress, I find a new feature. With every installation of WordPress comes a little gem called Press It. It is a javascript “bookmarklet” found on the Write Post screen in your Admin. It’s at the very bottom. If you […]

WordPress Plugin – Just One Category

A challenge come up on the forum for a user who had a very interesting wish. When clicking on a category from the main page, he wanted a page showing the categories, but ONLY the categories from that category, not the children of the categories. Let me explain this better. By clicking on a link […]

WordPress Article Series Plugin: In-Series

Plugin Updated* Wow! Just wow! I write a lot of articles in series, connected together by topic and concept developing over the series. I’ve been struggling with various Next Page/Previous Page plugins and tags, but “struggle” is the key word here. Since WordPress deals in chronological order, keeping these articles in sequence is a serious […]

Successful Upgrade to WordPress

I should really trust the folks at WordPress a little more. After all, I work with many of them frequently during my week as a volunteer. When the news of the new releases (plus one security patch they leapt on immediately) came out, I thought “YIPPEEE!” Then I was so busy over the past two […]

Separating Comments and Trackbacks and Pingbacks in WordPress – The Answer

I have been struggling with the issue of comments, trackback and pings in my WordPress site. Thanks to Nooscope’s article on Separating Trackbacks & Pingbacks in WordPress 1.5 (1.3), I found the answer. Let me clarify why I am an issue with comments, trackbacks and pingbacks. First of all, I love them. Adding the interactive […]

Different Category – Different Look: Creating Multiple Single Posts Looks for Different Categories

With the amazing help of the supportive folks on the WordPress Support Forum, my challenge was answered and I wanted to share this neat piece of template tag and conditional tag code with you. My very popular series on CSS Experiments in Design consists of almost a dozen pages with hundreds of different design experiments. […]

WordPress Resources List

As one of the many volunteers who help out from time to time with WordPress on the WordPress Forum, I found myself repeatingly giving out link references so I started keeping notes and have put together a list of some of the link references most needed and asked for on the forum. Some of these […]

Comment Spammers Saying Thank You and We Like You

There is a bit of a thrill when you open up your Manage Comments admin page in WordPress and you see a list of comments waiting for you that say “Wow, like your site and I’ll be back” and “I learned a lot here and I’m glad you made this site”, or my personal favorite, […]

My Daily Tasks With WordPress

I thought that I’d diary my day-to-day tasks managing my WordPress website. It’s very easy to manage, but there are a few steps that few people talk about. In the morning, after the crunch of work is done, I check the various RSS Feeds that I monitor to see what is going on. I particularly […]