with Lorelle and Brent VanFossen

Slides and Transparencies: Sleeve It

light table filled with slides, photograph by Lorelle VanFossenWhile a lot of professional photographers are going digital, don’t forget to take care of your original slide images when you send them off for publishing. Photo buyers are still accepting original images.

Protect your images by enclosing them in individual plastic sleeves. These crystal clear, archival plastic sleeves slide over your transparencies and protect them from fingerprints, scratches and dirt. Even with the sleeves on the slides, they insert easily into slide pages, giving double protection.

We recommend sliding the sleeves on from side to side and inserting the slide into the slide page top to bottom. This gives a tighter seal and better protection and allows for easy removal of the slides from the pages, grasping the top of the sleeve and pulling the slide out with the sleeve. Editors and photo buyers can view the slide without any problems, removing the sleeve only when they prepare the slide for scanning.

Our favorites come from The Kimac Company, (203) 453-4690. You can also buy TransView Slide Sleeves from Light Impressions and Clearbags from Impact Images. There are hundreds of differences sizes to accommodate a wide range of film and prints.

Costing about a nickel each, take this inexpensive extra step to protect your precious images.

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