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Sunset and Forest Fires

Driving up towards Yosemite National Park in California, the sunset turned incredibly intense. Recent forest fires had left particulates in the air which turned the sunset intense reds and oranges. Brent VanFossen quickly pulled over, looking for any subject to frame as a silhouette against this vibrant backdrop of color and found he was in […]

No More Blurry, Out-of-Focus Photographs in Our Future?

Wired’s “Say Sayonara to Blurry Pics” says that out-of-focus and blurry photographs might be a thing of the past in the future: Ren Ng calls his creation the “light field camera” because of its ability to capture the quantity of light moving in all directions in an open space. It stems from early-20th-century work on […]

Lost Images Found

What will people think of your photographs 50 or more years from now? Well, we have a rare chance to consider that question. The photographer and antique camera collector behind Westfordcomp, processed many rolls of film he found inside of old cameras he’s collected over the years. Film Found in Old Cameras showcases the images […]

The Camera Club of the UK – 120 Years Old

I just got this note today. The Camera Club, one of the oldest and most respected photographic societies in the country, this year celebrates 120 years since its’ foundation in 1885. The purpose of the club remains what it has always been, namely to promote members shared interest in photography in all its’ forms, to […]

Slides and Transparencies: Sleeve It

While a lot of professional photographers are going digital, don’t forget to take care of your original slide images when you send them off for publishing. Photo buyers are still accepting original images. Protect your images by enclosing them in individual plastic sleeves. These crystal clear, archival plastic sleeves slide over your transparencies and protect […]