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Using CSS to Create a Photo Gallery

I have quite a few examples in my CSS Experiments on showcasing your photographs, as a single image or in a gallery format, and I found a very simple, easy-to-understand explanation of how to use CSS to create a photo gallery from Web Reference. With this article I hope to show you how to produce […]

Digital Camera Hacking Tips Reference

Chieh Cheng’s Camera Hacker is a site featuring technical articles and tips, as well as the Camera Hacker’s Hacking Digital Cameras book. If you are a computer techie and into hacking up computer and digital parts and pieces, including cameras, you’ll find plenty to keep you busy there. Highlighted tips, tricks and techniques for understanding […]

Eye Movement Controlling Camera Functions in the Future

Today, technology is available within modern cameras that detects where the eye is looking through the viewfinder for focus and even zoom the camera’s lens. Research at Rutgers University may bring the ability to actually edit the image within the viewfinder with the movement of the eye. Based upon the thesis called “The Art Of […]

A Camera Made Out of Paper

Does anyone still remember pin-hole cameras? As a child, my mother was the head of the local Camp Fire Girls program and she introduced us all to pin-hole cameras and sun-sensitive photographic paper and the magic of photography opened up for me. So imagine my delight in learning that there are instructions available online to […]

Count a Bird, Plant a Tree: Rebuilding Nature After Hurricane Katrina

This year’s Great Backyard Bird Count from the Audubon Society and the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology will be bigger, better, and more exciting than ever. People all over the United States will go out into their backyards, parks, and nearby nature areas to count the birds on February 17-20, 2006. Parents will help children, bird […]

Writing I’m Most Proud of in 2005

As a professional writer, writing on a wide variety of topics, I posted this article and list of the my favorite articles that I wrote in 2005 on my other website, Lorelle on WordPress, and I thought I’d share it here. But before I do, I wanted to say that of the writing I’ve done […]

Delkin Devices New Pop-up Shades for Digital Cameras

Have you been out in the field or traveling with your digital camera and battled with glare on your digital camera’s LCD screen? I HATE that. When we’re teaching classes, people will bring me their digital cameras, asking for an immediate critique of their work before moving on to the next assignment. I twist the […]

CD Storage for Images Now Not a Good Idea

If you have been storing your digital photographic images on CDs, think again. There is new news from Computer World that says CDs aren’t good for archival storage. The problem is material degradation. Optical discs commonly used for burning, such as CD-R and CD-RW, have a recording surface consisting of a layer of dye that […]

Travel Photography Books

As writing photographers who travel, we love travel photography books. We get ideas, information, and see the perception of a place through others’ eyes. This gives us ideas on how to see things differently from those who have gone before. The range of travel photography books we enjoy is very diverse, depending upon our interest […]

Travel Magazines for Travel Photographers and Writers

As writing photographers who travel, it is part of our daily effort in learning more about travel, travel writing, and travel photography to study the various travel magazines. We get all kinds of ideas of where to go and the perspective of those who have gone before us. Here are some of the magazines that […]

Books on the Business of Writing

If you are a writer and photographer, you have a more complicated job. You not only have to learn about the business of photography, you have to learn about the business of writing. Here are some books we recommend to help you handle the business end of writing. The Writers Market If you are serious […]

The Ideal Photo Recreational Vehicle

When you take your camera on the road, everything you take with you becomes part of your photography equipment – and some items will surprise you. Did you realize that the vehicle you travel in is part of your photography equipment? It is. It holds your equipment, it gets you to and from your photographic […]