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Blogging Tips Book: What Bloggers Won’t Tell You About Blogging

The following is the press release and announcement of my newest book, Blogging Tips.

Arctic Village Resident Blogging Against Drilling for Oil in the Arctic Refuge

Gwich’in Arctic Village Resident Matthew Gilbert is Blogging on the Arctic Refuge for the NRDC Action Fund to stop drilling for oil. A resident of the Alaskan community which borders the Arctic Refuge, Gilbert is speaking out against the House and Senate “budget resolution” to begin the process of drilling for oil in the Arctic […]

Got Meme? How to Attract Clients and Customers Attention

Effective marketing memes focus on a specific clientele and a solution, or better yet a common client problem. For example, “I help independent professionals attract more clients,” identifies a market and a client problem. It also invites the follow up question “How?” FedEx grew their now billion dollar business with the meme, “When it absolutely, […]

10 Ways To Make Your Web Site Work Harder For You

SCORE offers a great article on 10 Ways To Make Your Web Site Work Harder For You. It is must read for website administrators and owners. I especially love the tip “Focus the Home Page and Product Pages on Your Customers’ Interests, Not Yours”. That’s a really good reminder. Tips include: Make Sure Your Site […]